Disclaimer: Only the festival organizers and/or bands can officially confirm or deny who is playing. Any information listed here is not official and is nothing more than speculation based off rumors.

    2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Rumors:

1-23-15: New rumors have suggested Linkin Park could headline in 2015 along with Thy Art Is Murder, Glass Cloud and Periphery as small stage performers.

Other rumors circulating (and more believable imo) suggest that Slipknot and Lamb Of God will be the mainstage headliners in 2015. No word on when an official announcement will take place.

12-26-14: Its getting to be the time of year when rumors begin to surface about which bands will play the 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. A few weeks ago we posted our predictions for Mayhem Festival 2015 Main Stage bands. Today we will take a look at likely candidates to play on the smaller stages, including possible small stage headliners.

First off, since we predicted Slipknot as the frontrunner to headline the main stage, it should be known that last time they played there was only one small stage and not as many bands. So while we have no official information as to which bands will play, we are going to predict just a handful at this time… until the rumors begin to surface.

For the possible small stage headliners I think 2015 may be the year that the festival approaches more bands that have yet to play. I am going to predict that this will be the year that Meshuggah plays. Its just a hunch with nothing to support it. If there happens to be two small stages I would not be surprised to see Anthrax, Killswitch Engage or Atreyu as the other headliner.

Moving on to the other bands that may play on the small stages I think we could see any of the following:

Arch Enemy
August Burns Red
Butcher Babies
High On Fire
Kill Devil Hill
Thy Art Is Murder

While that list may have too many bands or not be feasible (lots of Century Media bands on there) it is a good place to start considering that there has not been many rumors floating around yet. Check back for more as I will provide updates once rumors begin to circulate.

12-01-14: Let’s take a look at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Main Stage line up possibilities for 2015.

It seems like most people think Slipknot will headline and I tend to agree unless their Spring tour during The Worlds Loudest Month hits the usual Mayhem Festival cities.

The more interesting question is what bands will play on the main stage before Slipknot (or whoever headlines). Here is a list of potential candidates:

Dream Theater
Judas Priest
Kill switch Engage
Lamb Of God
Marilyn Manson
Rob Zombie

I think we will see bands who either have a brand new album coming out during the summer or a band that has not played yet. Rob Zombie and Slayer have both played twice while Judas Priest & Godsmack will both have completed two North American tour runs for their last albums. I really think the main stage will look like this:

Lamb Of God
Dream Theater

While I have yet to hear much in the way of rumors this is a feasible line up. I think Deftones fits in nicely in the spot that previously belonged to Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage.

The co-headliner spot should belong to Lamb Of God. After the ordeal involving vocalist Randy Blythe being imprisoned and their As The Palaces Burn documentary being a success, I think the band will return in a huge way behind the strength of a new album. Always a fan favorite, I think the timing is right for Lamb Of God to achieve the level of success that underground legends Pantera and Slayer achieved at the heights of their popularity.

I have heard a few rumblings that the festival may be interested in booking more progressive metal bands this year. Being one of the most popular progressive metal bands along with sharing the same record label as the predicted festival headliner, I think Dream Theater is a strong contender to open up the main stage in 2015.

In a few weeks I will post any info/rumors I receive and also post my guesses for the small stage headliners and opening bands. Just remember I am making educated guesses based purely from rumors and speculation. Only the festival organizers or bands can release the official information.

10-20-14: Now that fall has arrived I will start taking a few guesses at which bands may play the 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. First off I want to state that I have no insider information and anything posted on this website is purely speculation based off of educated guesses, rumors or bands/management/tour organizers letting out information directly or indirectly.

Each year fans ask for Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Rammstein, System Of A Down and other bands that sell out the same venues that Mayhem Festival plays at a higher ticket cost (i.e., those bands make more money on their own tours). It certainly is not impossible for those bands to play but it also is not very likely that they would play in my opinion.

My prediction for the headliner at this time is obviously Slipknot. They have a new album out that has been heavily hyped in the media. They have also played the festival before. I truly believe if they do not headline it will be because they are doing something else. You can be assured that they have been asked to play.

One band that could play might be Judas Priest. The band has a European tour set thru late June but I think Priest would be an excellent addition to Mayhem Fest. They could headline if Slipknot does not play or would make an awesome co
-headline act with Slipknot, although at this point in their it is unlikely we would see Priest co-headline.

If Priest and Slipknot do not play it might be Tool. It has been a long time since they have put out a new album and playing Mayhem Fest would allow them a chance to engage a younger generation of metal fans with their music.

As for other main stage bands that may play I think this year could be the year we see Lamb Of God return. Whenever the band decides to record a new album it will be massive in my opinion due to their previous success and the fact that it will be the first music they released since the incident with vocalist Randy Blythe being imprisoned for being accused of manslaughter. I think that if Lamb Of God plays that they could be the co-headlining band, playing next to last.

If Lamb Of God does not play it is possible that Godsmack or Megadeth may play. I really think if Lamb Of God does not play that we could see Deftones play in 2015. It would be a new band for the festival.

In 2015 I think we will see more progressive metal. In years past it would be one prog metal band slated to play each year, like Mastodon, Red Fang or High On Fire. I would not be surprised to see Dream Theater or Opeth land the 3rd spot from the top on the main stage. I also would not be surprised to see other prog oriented metal bands like Meshuggah, Periphery or Tesseract added to the 2015 line up.

In Flames played half the tour in 2011 before dropping off. Behemoth and High On Fire where both scheduled to play in the past few years but had to bow out for various reasons. I would not be shocked to see one of those bands return in 2015 and hopefully complete the entire tour.

I will be taking a more in depth look in the coming months. I will list the bands I think are most likely to play below, but be advised this will likely change as rumors circulate and/or information is leaked – take this with a grain of salt as the my final prediction will probably look much different:

Lamb Of God OR Deftones (only one, probably not both)
Dream Theater OR Opeth (only one, probably not both)

Thoughts? Sound off in our facebook enabled comments and tell us your wish list of bands to play Mayhem Festival 2015!!!