While there have not been much in the way or rumors for next years Mayhem Festival it appears that Korn maybe the front runner to headline the festival. Another fan rumored headliner, Avenged Sevenfold, is playing the Graspop Festival in Belgium on 6-27-14 – leaving the band little time to return to the US to kick off the Mayhem Festival which is likely to start at the end of June (as it has the last few years).

Yet another wildcard of sorts, Judas Priest, has a new album due out in 2014 but their camp has been very quiet. While we cannot count out A7X or Judas Priest we certainly cannot count them in yet either. Korn has lined up a international tour for Spring of 2014 and has no early 2014 US tour dates pending that we are aware of. With Brian ‘Head’ Welch back in the band and 2014 being the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album it seems like the timing is right for Korn to make another headline run on Mayhem Fest.

I hear that tour dates/cities will be released in Janurary for Mayhem Fest and I assume the band line up will be revealed in March again. As you know, only the tour organizers or bands can reveal official information. This is purely speculation on my part so far.

Also, here is supposed ‘leaked’ line up for the 2014 Mayhem Fest. I highly doubt this is legit but thought it would make for interesting conversation. Would you like to see any of these bands on the festival this year? Leave a facebook enabled comment below:

Mayhem Fest 1